Monday, July 25, 2011

grow inward and upward

We spent the day at Tall Trees. the land of potentials and possibilities. we all have them, we all face them on many levels. Thunderstorms chased us but never got us. I'll always be a rainbow. Steve was the only one home. Seeds growing into seedlings, starting from scratch, is not the way for me.As I looked around seeing old blend into new I saw what to carry with me as I made my own way. Settling down and into the home and holding it down and steady, is a mental exercise. I did come here so I must be fully present. We never die. If that transformation from first to second chakra is to take place then it is about me putting myself into one thing at a time. Other things will shoot up, only with my full focus being within.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i turn 30 years old today. I have come far in understanding myself and the world. I'm still taking baby steps yet I have seen the depths of the journey home. The greatest blessing is embracing your own gifts that the mother needs from you. there is a bond with her and all things that comes and goes in cycles like a dance. having the connection and understanding of something beyond life, beyond the grave, early on, how to connect to it and grow from it on the other levels that are you.
i've gone so far in seeing through the grand delusions of the herd, and done so much that i should give myself love and credit for and be content with, if i died tonight. yet, i have wisdom from my experience to guide my next step if the path is there. Allow my gifts to grow so they give me more joy and heal others. sometimes hope is all you have.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I always have been Growing roots. No use in sliding back down the same old trap. Build up what no man can destroy. I am prepared and equipped for my mission. I know I've been chosen, and can no longer wake people up, as it is only my own waking that I control. Knowing what tools I have to work with is just the beginning. I must master them. Ask myself what I am doing and what do I have to show for it? I know my ideas and thoughts are worth acting on, and I know that there is a point in action no matter the results. The tree appears beautiful above the ground but it is the roots that sustain it. I am building a lifeboat out of my experiences. To be fully present and aware of the moment I am working on and building, I can see my vision in my mind, without seeing it finished with my hands. The energy is put out and whatever is needed to see it to an end will come to it, because it is Allah that put the vision there. The moment I fail, falter, forget, can not overtake me and overpower me any longer. Survival will not allow it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The first stage of the path is survival. what does that mean? we never die. that got us all here, that we agreed to share, is not so simple. There is so much courage and strength involved. The strongest challenges as well, to prepare the next generation for the second chakra, which is sharing, union, communion. They can not be done in reverse as has been the case for a long time when families are destroyed. people mistake relationships for survival and necessity when it is with themselves survival begins. It is not about acceptance or approval of another, but knowing the fighter within that is here for a reason and stays strong. survival may depend on your own family or may extend to a tribe. shared interest. The best gift you can give another at any time or place is love. once you have tuned into it and stick with it the love grows and glows like a flaming fire. It can never lessen by sharing. there is nothing to lose, so nothing to fear, no competition.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progress or Destruction?

We are travelers, visitors, strangers. this place we hold is one strand of many. it is us that have been given this position. We will one day bid this plane farewell and ascend. How far we have strayed from indigenous ways. The only way home is to listen. The worship of knowledge is the downfall of man. Gathering it and concealing it and manipulating it, is not what it's for, it will be taken from us again. We have faced this cycle many times and it is time to break free. The true power is in the experience. Cooperate, collaborate, intentional community, bonfires, drum circles, potlucks, co-ops. The reptilian instinct of survival and self preservation is overcome and advanced with trust to reach the second levels and beyond. Union means there is no destruction, that releases the fear of the unknown or unseen. As Sebastian promised in the Never Ending Story, I must do what I dream. I know and must remember through the swamp of sadness. The light worker is such because she is industrious and hopeful, there is always success is in the attempt. It is the idea that lives on.