Friday, July 15, 2011


I always have been Growing roots. No use in sliding back down the same old trap. Build up what no man can destroy. I am prepared and equipped for my mission. I know I've been chosen, and can no longer wake people up, as it is only my own waking that I control. Knowing what tools I have to work with is just the beginning. I must master them. Ask myself what I am doing and what do I have to show for it? I know my ideas and thoughts are worth acting on, and I know that there is a point in action no matter the results. The tree appears beautiful above the ground but it is the roots that sustain it. I am building a lifeboat out of my experiences. To be fully present and aware of the moment I am working on and building, I can see my vision in my mind, without seeing it finished with my hands. The energy is put out and whatever is needed to see it to an end will come to it, because it is Allah that put the vision there. The moment I fail, falter, forget, can not overtake me and overpower me any longer. Survival will not allow it.

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