Thursday, July 14, 2011


The first stage of the path is survival. what does that mean? we never die. that got us all here, that we agreed to share, is not so simple. There is so much courage and strength involved. The strongest challenges as well, to prepare the next generation for the second chakra, which is sharing, union, communion. They can not be done in reverse as has been the case for a long time when families are destroyed. people mistake relationships for survival and necessity when it is with themselves survival begins. It is not about acceptance or approval of another, but knowing the fighter within that is here for a reason and stays strong. survival may depend on your own family or may extend to a tribe. shared interest. The best gift you can give another at any time or place is love. once you have tuned into it and stick with it the love grows and glows like a flaming fire. It can never lessen by sharing. there is nothing to lose, so nothing to fear, no competition.

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