Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progress or Destruction?

We are travelers, visitors, strangers. this place we hold is one strand of many. it is us that have been given this position. We will one day bid this plane farewell and ascend. How far we have strayed from indigenous ways. The only way home is to listen. The worship of knowledge is the downfall of man. Gathering it and concealing it and manipulating it, is not what it's for, it will be taken from us again. We have faced this cycle many times and it is time to break free. The true power is in the experience. Cooperate, collaborate, intentional community, bonfires, drum circles, potlucks, co-ops. The reptilian instinct of survival and self preservation is overcome and advanced with trust to reach the second levels and beyond. Union means there is no destruction, that releases the fear of the unknown or unseen. As Sebastian promised in the Never Ending Story, I must do what I dream. I know and must remember through the swamp of sadness. The light worker is such because she is industrious and hopeful, there is always success is in the attempt. It is the idea that lives on.

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