Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i turn 30 years old today. I have come far in understanding myself and the world. I'm still taking baby steps yet I have seen the depths of the journey home. The greatest blessing is embracing your own gifts that the mother needs from you. there is a bond with her and all things that comes and goes in cycles like a dance. having the connection and understanding of something beyond life, beyond the grave, early on, how to connect to it and grow from it on the other levels that are you.
i've gone so far in seeing through the grand delusions of the herd, and done so much that i should give myself love and credit for and be content with, if i died tonight. yet, i have wisdom from my experience to guide my next step if the path is there. Allow my gifts to grow so they give me more joy and heal others. sometimes hope is all you have.

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