Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today was great, Mom and Rob came over finally to see our house. She said it wasn't too bad of a drive and we shouldn't wait so long to get together. Unfortunately she told me some of my plants were dead and I should just throw them away. We went out for Chinese and then we went to Acoustic Corner. I thought Rob would play some guitar but he said he wasn't good enough. I got Nadia the wooden cricket instrument and then we went to Lake Tomahawk. I gave them an extra copy of Bill Still's "The Secret of Oz" and Mom said she heard his name before. We talked about Lemuria and Atlantis, and Rob said he is pretty sure there is so much the government knows that they don't tell us and I said we should be told because we can handle the truth. Now that I think of it, the issue is not really space travel or life on other planets, but rather astral travel and the all pervasive life that is within all creation, nowhere is far. The Center is everywhere.