Wednesday, June 19, 2013

dream quest

jade DMT dreamtime cycle.becoming an exploding star fire, 5 points. pentacost, physical snake oil from church.outside. hidden red passion fear anger fire burns bright blinding. red moon guards the root.cave body earth birth create a universe seasons change neural pathway mind between heaven and earth moon synthetic suggestions
soul sole plasma sun green heart earth fourth chakra fire wings
blue sky throat chakra creative speech, or silence

Khaleesah: ikhlass, mother of the book. pure true sincere authentic. clear is the absense of color. the dream: I saw a neighbor with a dog. He was a little boy and the dog was misbehaving. It wouldn't listen. I said over and over, "I don't have a dog. I don't have a dog."
I talked to Laurie and Mona about it. Dog meant spirituality, God. a super moon is coming. Mona sent me something about Jupiter. some guys came to cut the tree down and said they hang out with moonies in rosman.. 
Mercury close to sun sign, Cancer.fertility photosynthesis a new innnerstanding of home and family.i keep seeing orbs. saw a wild turkey, answered prayers.
 retrograde, review renew redo, malik, Molech, milk, ideas. Martin Luther King, Cult of Personality.   Not listening or joining anything outside, the kingdom of heaven is within

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