Wednesday, July 3, 2013

rain maker

know your magic. we're in cancer. hidden forces. moonroom. fathoms, chatrter, captain, compass, crew, grand water trine, what is home and family to me? going moving along start to finish to sustain after we're gone. intention to create a space to allow magic. an open heart that i made shine by cocreating in love without expectations. for that moment. conscious creative change is life fueled by the netherworld. unseen causes, intuitive trust in the good

. nadia went with her dad for the summer today. mercury retrograde communication hack, slow down don't start anything new, be open to questions, say yes before no., review brings new info
jupiter in cancer expression in the home
black moon lilith anger. it sucks hearing him talk through her, now it is all about listening and allowing and showing, grand water trine release resolve relinquish.

marc took the day off to do errands.  i was in such a grumpy mood and marc was not having it.  a snickers bar helped.   i will have to learn where i can hold fast to my truth while still being open and connected.afterwards we hung outwith danile and christine ate nachos  watched movies played gu  itar. planned a double birthday party. . i could tell marc was getting a bug and then it kept me up alll night so i woke up early in hopes to catch a nap later. a nice rain came. the illness and the rain have both stuck around.

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