Saturday, August 18, 2012


coming going following chasing
a blank slate for you to create
something from nothing for the benefit  of all
build for  the sake of building

2.5 years at tall trees west henderson high
broke out and belonged
neil died, jeremy came back
once upon a time moody blues
Debbie Raymond Billy Friday
after we left Uncle david died
luke and terry died, jamie's a truther, david is married

east to west, mountains to city
culture shock happy new year
2.5 years engaged, savanna high
fullerton college, el camino college
joni turtle renee
career exploration, self disidentification
comparative politics
journalism, avtivism,  interpreter, nutrition, future yoga instructor

6 yrs married in gardena
dec starting from scratch a month at tt w/ debbie
jan first apartment patton st
upstairs twin flame first week
mirror kiss
olive gardens valentines day
fairview to black mtn
honeymoon chalet in may

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