Tuesday, July 24, 2012

moon room 237

.i found an awesome film about the shining and the moon landing. who watches the earth from the moon? what is buried there?  worse than faking it is how it taught us to believe what we see.and how kubrick was used to fool us.2012 is more than halfway over,  almost 2 years in black mountain! still need to check out hop'n blueberry farm, and rise up river camp and bring my new drum to the circle. !  there is no time but Allah's time. jury duty, yoga and 3rd grade start next month.  the cancer  is tied to home and family, so ofcourse those are the challenges i have to find balance in. as tom says its not where you're at, it's where you're "at". i lose track of the path and must backtrack. strangers make their place a home. now andy left ernie a note telling him he was greedy for not sharing the chalet, and ernie said he'd never go out to tall trees again. nina isnt upset at andy, at least not publically. Mondays (moondays?) will be at Granny's now. 

yesterday kamal picked up nadia for a week's stay in flat rock. i want to fix the house, and get my permit while nadia's gone. nadia left the paper with all the fun stuff to do here. i called today at noon and kamal was just waking up. it feels like 9 for him and it is ramadan, the month of the qur'an. . he called back later to ask about nadia's hand. the human soul has astral work to be done in a physical body. there is an unseen world some know of, travel in. it is a veil of knowing, lifted for few. as below. the mountains taught my heart and the city taught my mind.  things are not what they seem to the mind but the heart knows through love. 

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