Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The veil is either drawn or pulled back again and again, each time unique. Embrace it and celebrate it now.. The space and time orientation is one graduation before another. Change and growing and letting go and death are key lessons to reap spiritual insights. We have left behind knowing, and are here to remember.  This spot of  Unity allows the experience of duality. Of course there is suffering. Only eternity offers the cure. Look down from up high.Observe how  things forever change to detach you.
 i let out much anger today. Stop grasping hot coals merely out of habit, now there is more room for gratitude. I am open to the dance the stars above are inviting me to. Spread the wings I have in me and always have. Claiming it and holding it feels better than looking the other way. what is hidden will appear.  collapse proceeds expansion. The change will always come, from one direction, then another. As you bend toward the light your lotus blooms.

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