Friday, September 21, 2012

red to orange

i am here back in the forest  because i am needed
industrious and creative, something to show only i see.
be the change, it has nothing to do with others
many or few, friend or foe, chop wood carry water
inheritance of faith and deeds,
fruits bloom from shit on seeds
 libra kidneys reins
saggitarius hips

i hold back for fear of poverty, overcoming death, how appropriate that today was the fall equinox. time for shukr and harvest or rizq. how could i question Allah when it is He who has given me the ability to ask? I remember not finishing so i have to rush nothing lasts an i have to think and not act, well, no more.opening up and letting go to stand tall and proud is the hardest task right now.  orange is being here with and for others.  make my home cozy by serving Allah, self, and fanily who are as messed up as me. i heal that, don't stop halfway. the point! refining the light, wax out wain in. keep some share some

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