Monday, September 17, 2012


Live on light and gaze up at the stars. The touch of an angel can open many worlds.How does light touch clay without going straight through it? There must be descension and ascension "to know".   it requires conscious effort to balance in dunya.  Duality is a hermetic principle.
On the cusp change is in motion. When I feel crabby remember the lioness, i may want to be alone but have a nurturing instinct. what a dance! when my roar is angry remember the crab's shell. the turtle is always home, offering a ride  the fruits of self love which is a long slow process of going within. The bear who shares honey without scaring you away.
Today we would have gone on a camping trip to folly but i talked marc out of it. I still really want to do yoga on the beach. Marc took me to Olive Gardens. It rained all day.  we went shopping and food was so expensive!Marcia said Bob might build me a dehydrator! We picked up Nadia from chess and Simara was there too. . I almost have my shrine set up on the island. i grasp hold and let go. the stages of my cycle.

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