Wednesday, November 2, 2011

no shadow

Allah's Light is revealed through the darkness of creation. The rise and fall of nations. the tests of loss of life and property, the blessings of love and light. we must face these opposites to see beyond them. Inside you is everything. There is a give and take, a push and pull when the infinite soul is confined to its earthly vessel. We are spinning and whirling through space and time as it bends and twists and folds in on itself. The echo of Be and it is, wraps us in a warm womb. I look back only for clues and for an understanding of what is happening now. No one and nothing is ever lost, but forever part of me. The battle is sure to be lost, if my inner eye is diverted. The true essence of me was present in this realm before my parents met. Then I had openness and trust to take on this challenge. The web interconnects us all so we can regain whatever part of ourselves we have forgotten, like an umbilical chord. The pain of separation is worth suffering through, to experience the reunion. We know what's missing and we know we're looking, that drive to actualize what you know within. There is hope and a reason to build our paradise here.
The good fight, the dance of polarities, until separation dissolves, is what I came for. I know that this realm is a reflection of eternity, and my challenge is Accepting and embracing without questioning. How do you plant a seed and care for it, and then when it blooms leave it? If you are fully conscious and present in what you do then you are not attached to the outcome but merely grateful to play a part.

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