Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sumerians named all planets in our solar system. Inana - ishtar- snakes - dna Enlil agriculture planet x
what does it take to make heaven at home? live in the light, the star you are. we are here to make mu. we can see Lemuria in our lifetime. whenever we choose. some use 5 or 6 senses. cause, effect, serve and give and sacrifice. the cycle of struggle and ease on the path. chakras are light bodies and gateways for consciousness enter light body.
1783 Paris Peace Treaty, esquires in US.
quiet and shy, music, nature, Appalaichain culture, this day could be your last, show love, live with nature, off the grid, listen to yourself and wise people, grab an open mic. love is all you need, the earth needs more love, so stay focused on self home family friends goals skills for love seasons cycles always remember Allah and yourself

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