Thursday, September 15, 2011


If hate were stronger than love we wouldn't have lasted. That duality is a veil of illusion. Allah's merciful womb prevails over His Wrathful dunya. We remember Him and we find peace, we forget Him and we find troubles. The problems we face are given to us because we CAN find solutions. It just Is. Atlantis, Lemuria, and so on. Its all about doing what you can, love serve remember, as an observer.
Out of the blue I got a request from a name I half recognized on Facebook, and my suspicions were right. A flood of emotions and memories came back of the days a decade earlier, when I had first seen Ihsan's mother praying. To think of all I had gone through, with her and since saying goodbye to Ihsan for her, and all that had transpired those years in Cali, really overwhelmed me, broke me down, cured and healed me, and gave me such peace and acceptance of the experiences and its lessons. Hey, just an observer!
Along with the gathering at the Light Center a day before full of those interested in healing and the truth of 9/11, it was a great opening of the heart to the path I travel. Hope brings healing.

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