Tuesday, August 20, 2013

blue aquarius moon in leo.

 Let go of belief tune into frequency. keep it consistent. i felt the digital underground, another world is home. and i listened to dangerous again and off the wall. the angel of music, dionysus i get the force heart and mind day night fire feeling the music and how it influenced hip hop. the disk ring rope coil. spinning in the dark 2 become 1. man woman dark light changing masks back and forth.it's all about the melanin ocean flow. lapis lazuli. turtle shell is saying slow down to see and hear what is meant for you to align. stop asking.
 we are surrunded by parasites and must stand strong, dig into your earth for more details skeleton spine and care. my blackened wings leave a rainbow flying through distance space time.the pain came to  expand love and birth it..  it is 2 worlds connected in a cardinal cross. nadia came home and is happy with the new year. louise died at the gas station so we got a cab home. this time it was cheap and quick to fix. or so we thought.

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