Saturday, February 16, 2013

acceptance leads to ascension

i felt like poo when i got up but chose to feel better. open hearts love serve and remember. thoughts and feelings are illusions and senses are doorways to meet people on the bridge. the only thing i know is i am here having a human experience  for a reason and why not a good one?
john brandy and luna had us over.we got water there. their place is so different now that it's all theirs.lots of antiques and decorations and a new camper. nadia watched Alf for the first time. she read to Luna. brandy paid me and apologized for the delay.

The magnetic pull of the glowing moon calls the ocean waves on. tides drive the mercy ocean, the earth womb. though so far away it still touches us. we are visiting guests, to give birth again and again. the guide out of darkness if you surrender, 3 days a month. to create beauty accept embrace with joy..body mind soul. Remember the mountain girl in the city, open new curious now an awake mother at home. observe how the enviorment shapes you, bless it. make a bubble and float with the current..
 tie spirituality activism journalism info knowledge connections and change fear into love.  connecting and breaking apart is Allah in my life. It is a cycle and process unfolding I create.  let love flow from my fountain, there is enough to fill us all. thought matters not. each soul will be reached and touched. heal yourself,listen  the earth is fertile with life, and open for seeds to sprout. the butterfly heart has two wings, hope and fear, which light a fire in you to travel deeper within. The hidden becomes manifest and the roots nourish all.

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