Sunday, February 24, 2013

follow the wind

Careful attention is a sign of is not futile or casual in the least. Create something longlasting.Tangible results means narrowing things down and making space for the unseen. trust in the divine plan and follow the white rabbit. I got Joel's card from the drippalator. I can see putting a flier for traveling treasures there soon. He lives by the school,plays at open mics and teaches classes. I saw the drive and purpose he put into healing.i have come full circle and risen again in the east, when i gave everything for love i gained it all and more.

i am powerful and own it. i am awake and aware.  I am able to respond in a beautiful way. I am always transforming for the better. My gifts bring me and those around me joy. pranayama and asana are your container. its all flowing here now. i trust i will not be cut off from The Source. The fountain is in me, and I am a cup. joy and love is a choice made when challenged. what would my own red tent be? cover, comfort,  the open spacetime.. expand and contract.make it known. early to bed early to rise breakfast greens snacks decorations music walks. 3 sets of 8 hours.  whadya know my moon started and full moon leo.

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