Saturday, March 9, 2013

book of the dead

how to build a home? choose your neighbors wisely.gaurd your gate. clothes and dishes then read write listen sing.with joy. mix and match, 6  senses 7 chakras   .imagine the fountain of youth, inner child. choose family make space for others put your opinions aside about the world unless it builds a my mom said she saw a rainbow when i was born. i connect to my inner light and see.. if you neglect this work your other endeavors will fail. there are teachers everywhere.  they will come to you when you give off the scent, thus themselves and unity.the circle, it's who you know. trees grow slowly from the ground up.. be present. be patient and let go.  trim memories and plant seeds. right in front of you. working in the now does not mean we need to see results now. your power and your story has no end.all that is buried blooms again. within the fertile garden of the heart shined on by the eyes' light.

the moon is safe for distant secrets and watching from afar.The hidden rose is found by scent or thorn. some dig through the topsoil. there is more to see and know but only by action not by thought and word. the longest i lived in one place was with Kamal in Gardena. I was strong in faith in Allah but not yet in myself. Before that was 2.5 years at Tall Trees.I wwas coming out of my shell because of the familiar enviornment.   2 years in black mountain When I left the mountains for the city I was a hippie goth, rebellious and distant from my mom. I still hadn't realized how beautiful and special I was. When I was still in High School I got back in touch with Grandma Decker, and grew distant from my best friend of 6 years Nadine. light is the illusion of no darkness. 

in is out and out is in. all about pisces moon. slow and steady lighten your load. my mom was at work today so couldn't come to rosemary's for their birthdays, that's more what i am used to. Rosemary gave nadia marc's old art box.we got water and marc made taters. then we hung out with mona. it's great to hear her talk about the unseen. i don't care if i am alone or not we're all one. stay rooted to stand. it  doesnt have to show. through the spiral you return to you. never die, you keep traveling. you are the act of creation, always new.

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