Saturday, March 16, 2013

spring break egg hunt

fear is silly. observe with love. we leave the body but never die. beginning middle and end until you break your own chains. the world changes with a  clean house and clean mind. we had nadia with us at mona's. nadia borrowed a book.

mama turtle comes out of the ocean to lay eggs, leaving them on their own. by questioning all, it is only i that can find the pearl the kernel the first cause the intention the yearning drive passion urge clinging spiral. bring a higher hidden meaning to each passing moment/ its infinite loop is a current that moves through me. we met jeremiah's mom and she is really cool. there are so many choices and universes to focus in on. i am making space for my own magic while dancing along in the circle too
then came  pattys day. we went to john and brandy's and they were hung over from an acid trip. marc grilled chicken and hot dogs and nadia watched ghostbusters 2. then we hauled ass out of there. unconditional love and gratitude for all!

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