Wednesday, April 3, 2013


i am still magnetic white light.with inner wisdom in this space i create i am here to see inside my universe to build a healing  tribe for my children's children. in community we surrender serve allow validate trust and hope and gratitude and detachment. i observe witness declare  testify crucify sacrifice my shell playing a and there, then and now, i created all this around me. truly knowing myself and not escaping or hiding or being afraid, just make life into art and beauty, is only the vibration right now through singing like overloaded, with careful attention to meaning make all things new, the milk and honey way in spiritual midwifery, at the farm, in my heart home, montessori waldorf steiner, writing clearly, reading between the lines, sharing circles drum heart ocean thunder cooking ayurveda soup kitchen, cleaning yoga sleeping gardening. connect near and far. left and right brain. i see men inside huge robots moving them as how we really are.

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