Friday, December 21, 2012

winter solstice spring euinox

No more hiding. Break out in celebration, it's the galaxy's birthday. darkness recedes now. spiritual midwifery. red tent, crecent crab moon sea pearl. cultivating my own energy for this time means being more quiet and waiting for answers to come rather than seek them. there is a fire that burns though flame touched it not. the change comes when you master your gift self and embrace the shadow, that the world has molded you into, but is not true. You see the fire in you and do not seek it with the eyes. open to the unity of all things to give and receive. the new earth grows seed and kernel with your light. you see the unseen before it appears, at the source.
Allah reveals Himself when one surrenders their senses, Al mu’alim. Allah is in you, in creation, go in, thru and beyond. Layla is on the raido~Lailat Al Qadr. I  heard nadia’s cd player and it was sami yusuf try not to cry little one,. I imagined it as a message to her as a child who really did feel all alone, and then I was thinking of islam and muslims, as well as other religions with other followers, and how Allah reveals Himself thru them all,Allah made man into nations and tribes to teach them and show them the beauty of diversity and of His Creative Power, and that each separate religion ensured that they would all be guided, in one way or another, thru one message, one teacher, one book, or another, different because each human is different, yet all similar bc we are one soul, and seeing the jamal and jalal as a sign again from Allah from nation to nation that they each are both blessed and tried. 

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