Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I enter the cave of myself.I choose how to respond. This is the point of no return. I am light and dark as Allah lowers and lifts my heart's veil to be known. We were created to know. Musa was busy asking questions rather than experiencing directly. All you hear is an echo. I know there is no where to run on a spiral. My mind is hiding behind my heart crying wolf. If you don't learn you will always return. As above so below. Everything is measured divinely. When I make a space peace falls into place. there is no eject button, so plug into the source. Peace descends instantly and the boat can not be rocked.
It's all me creating destiny. The Great Work. The pieces do fit, there is no lack. Cinnamon took me to Cheshire, Danielle taught. I  feel glad to have the support in myself and the universe if i ask.  Christina and I observed Hot Vital Flow w/ Martia, She was dropping hints about bones and body. It was great to watch her, feel the heat, see the students at different levels.  Marc laid out super sick today and Nadia had a half day..
Nadia was sent home with a fever, and I decided the yoga was a struggle I could accept putting aside. I have to enjoy the ride and not grab on just to feel alive. I lose power when I put the demand or expectation on what is beyond my control.

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