Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanks giving pearl

Unity sees itself. Just to see the pearl is enough even if you can't take it with you. It is buried deep in the sea, in a shell. the only way this song could be sung is if every note was played. it doesn't make sense when you read the music, only when you hear the song. it is the composer listening that adds the subtle AUM. to be enveloped fully in life you have to be willing to set it free at any time. potential and possibility and destiny lie there. beyond your understanding and only to be lived.  It takes many rubs of the waves to form the pearl. it is old patient and wise
which blessings of the Lord will you deny? i see the result of going half way, and listening to a noise outside just because it is sudden doesn't mean i should go check it out. Allah says am I not your Lord? Tree of Life or Knowledge? I can not read! I can not measure. I can not divide. Mind or Heart?
wed. nadia spent the night with  friend and came back at the last minute . rob was at the store when we got to their house.  mom showed nadia how to blend pastels better and she gave me seeds to sprout. marc and rob played some guitar together. mom said granny always makes thing beautiful now. and that i don't share my gifts enough. she cried when we left.

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