Sunday, November 4, 2012


Standing, sitting, or reclining, shine as an orb. No fear or grief, speak only good. in beauty and love. sing and dance and hug trees, Read with Allah, be alone to know, is to take the bitter fruit. let it go to Allah. Create, turn on, raise oil,  make it beautiful as before again. .the knower, knowledge and known are one. i got caught up in the whirl wind of the angel's caress. not wanting to be here in a cage, looking away, turning away, to face a lesser test. I saw it's shadow, the dunya,  for what it was so want more to let go of it. i must be in myself to birth it and unite people outside. see all around the cycle never stops of love. build make nurture create, like the red moon, most good for most people in my caravan. .Return like monarch migrations  first in flight. for a blink of eternity. so what if i see destruction? Look what I made of the pieces! that is why i don't sit for long, let go and look back down the river. i make that destruction like shakti. when things burn down we miss  the illusion for a minute. I am that minute. then hold on tight to what comes together to see yourself in love.

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