Monday, October 29, 2012

bless it

pay attention to pain, to make something beautiful is not to fix it. name to contain baRAka. buRAq a flashing bolt. barc/boat/arc (crab) crescent sideways. the most precious treasures in this tavern of ruin are women perfume and prayer.the lote tree of utmost boundary.There is no other to serve, it is the same source as you.  raise the oil in 3 days. Don't stop now.Go around and up to raise vibration, the speed of light, come out of the dark, nothing is lacking when you are open to share. we all meet each other's need in one way or another. theirs is just as deep as yours. we all fall, hurt, struggle. it  takes a lot to put all your baggage/drama aside and see another one's first, and be changed. it matters more the choices i made, words i said, than any scrape or bruise i've gotten.
i am drawn to the dark, i do notice the hidden. make this a gift. to help and heal myself and others, if it won't then give it to the wind. things aren't what they seem outside, this i know. how easy to forget the same is true inside. an angels touch is a gate to the cave, shell cocoon niche, oil. if i slow down and am more careful, i guess unlike my parents, then i will do well and make it last. Tall trees take a long time to grow but a moment to destroy. so work very patiently with a vision to hold.

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