Sunday, October 14, 2012

kundalini flutter

7 year cycles. All points connect. Ayurveda is awesome. it is based on healing by opposites. perfect alignment. straight path is open and trusting. of course brad chose one pose for us to teach the class that is particularly hard for each of us. the point is more to find our voice. i felt like all that mattered was the attempt. the point is to improve with years of daily practice. it is new to be in my body and activated. there is so much depth in healing yourself it is hard to meet others on the surface. i can see why people go to ashrams.
The 2 serpents coil upwards back to their source, and electromagnetism radiates out

after saturday's yoga class, i felt an opening move up and down inside like a butterfly. i asked brad today and he said it is kundalini. the healer is within. the intention is the power. if you never dive in, if you never hold on, it never wakes up.why flutter when you can fly? the creative  process is a growing spiral, we have our own voice to hear. what is yours, but Love? The King has only a broken palace to show. He is infinite wealth Himself. There is no struggle, just show up.

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