Friday, November 9, 2012

every body has a changeable story

 Everything starts at the head, the cerebrum, the Ram. Ra the Light. Right ascension Meridian. Raise the oil.Passive vs Active. alchemical wedding.Agreement to create. thoughts voice essence source. we all have tools to do life's work. the work is a balanced body mind soul..our body  is like a pole magnetically tied to earth and  stars. It remembers reacts responds to all of life's events.the body is the container of the spirit. it is a box to manifest experience.

The brain is elastic and plastic.most people go on auto pilot and some awaken kundalini. Reading is really listening to someone and not saying a word as well as looking into each other's eyes teaches us about our illusion of ourselves and how to offer a safe space for others to heal. telling my body's story was a burying of sorts. thoughts and feelings are in us, we must transform our vision to witness. I am making my story beautiful.

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