Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday Ahmad posted a picture of IDF soldiers pointing guns at children in their beds. . One of his friends wished the same on the soldier's children. I pointed out the innocence of children, as did Karen. We were not well received by the commenter and another friend of Ahmad. Both of them pointed out that we had no idea what occupation was like. I left the discussion because I was starting to cry and Nadia was there. Karen stuck it out and it turned around for the better.
I thought of the pain and suffering that I could never understand or know, and that my care and concern could have been expressed by listening. My type is INFJ and the intuitive just listens openly. The brother that got upset apologized and saw where I was coming from. We became friends. That now inspires me to push harder for peace. Like my tarot reading said to let go of expectations. There is nothing I can do about others' thoughts or feelings but that does not mean we can not connect. We are one even beyond the opposites. There are those who know and those who act on what they know, for the sake of those who don't know

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