Saturday, April 21, 2012


I posted a blog about Israel destroying a power plant in the West Bank. Ramy confirmed it as true saying it collects news from many sites.  Micah took the poorly cited work as reason enough to doubt the story. He went so far as to call it slander. I felt compelled to do his work for him and verify the info from other more mainstream sources while deleting him. I said you don't believe it because you are Jewish? Once he commented that he passed the story along from a source he liked better, but no apology for attacking me, I blocked him. All my friends backed me up.
Some people you will reach because they are open to new information. Others fight to retain the illusion. What are we basing reality on, and how do people clash based on what information they have? Then throw in thoughts and feelings. The body mind and soul are balanced in so few people. I will take it to heart about writing to inform, and gathering information, how to expose the information and respond to discuss it. Obviously the mainstream is questionable.

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