Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Family and house are both "bayt" in arabic. Cancer is tied to the home, as the woman is the heart of the home. To be cut off from half and to move so often set in the pattern early. One family you're born into and another you build. This doesn't have to be earthbound. One family you're raised in and another you raise. There was a building and destroying of my home with Kamal, to bring Nadia to begin a home with Marc. Nadia teaches me how to be a mother. The body is the house of  light. I am a light body mixed with clay. moving and traveling through space. This means past present and future are truly 5th dimensional. The mingling of two realms, the mission is to prevent the capping of the pyramid. There's nothing missed dropped or lost.
The Rosicrucian pirate, passed on his mission and vision. The cycle of birth life and death, and here I am, bringing light to the darkness. Marcia picked up Nadia yesterday and we went to the drippilator and then to CVS and the park. We watched ducks then It started to rain. We went to the Family Fun Night. I got her 3 books and then we looked at her classroom. We ate dinner then Marcia dropped us off.

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