Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sycamore flats

It's the middle of Spring Break. Marc and I said we'd like to get married in the Spring. We had Evan over and decided on May 12th. I've got permission to drive and I got accepted into the Yoga Teacher Training. Over the many years, so many things are built and destroyed. Parts of me left long ago and parts of me stayed. It was like looking at a blend of old and new, and a canvas with so many colors to blend and mold. The paintbrush is me. It all blends into the unity of Now. I can create something totally mine, and my desire for it will keep me going through the obstacles that would have made me quit. Go out, come back. The lapping of the ocean waves on the shore. What are all these outer influences drowning out, that real me I have been growing into, but neglecting and looking away from, denying how special she is. The reason I am in this place and time and the forgotten lost love I am rediscovering.

Right before Marcia came I was watching a video on EFT. It goes to show how picking something you love and doing it your best is so rewarding. Marcia took us to get Granny then go to Pisgah National Forest. It was quite special to have 4 generations together. As we drove through town we were talking about all the gorgeous blooms we saw. We found a great picnic spot and got in the water and threw rocks. We ate lunch and then got some ice cream in Lake Toxaway. When we bought Granny home, Steve and Jam were there.

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