Wednesday, March 2, 2011


the more Allah loves us the more He shall test us. Our tests in this world free us from trials in the hereafter. Become aware of the trials and admit and acknowledge the trials you've gone through and the bumps and scratches you've gained along the way. With those scrapes and scratches comes wisdom, knowledge, and strength. Those gifts are only available in the now. The Hereafter is an astral plane in the Present. Remembering the Hereafter brings balance. Living in the past or the future will create anxiety because it is a lack of balance. In my sick and twisted mind it is chaos that makes me feel comfortable. I can escape from responsibility by pointing to obvious problems that pose a challenge, but they do not stop me from anything unless I let them. Muhammad was a Mercy to mankind and we make things easier for people. Lightworkers are sent in times of chaos and change and upheaval to lead the way to a new plane. I have to trust the unknown and show the beauty of hope, like a budding rose, she can not open too soon or she will be killed by the frost.

I know this and stepping away from this old habit and into the new creates anxiety that I am not facing head on and thus I am not seeing the potential I know I have and can only find within. Trusting Allah will heal anxiety. This will take constant effort and focus which is something I have considered a struggle, but if I focus on the ascension going on all around me and within me, connecting to it all and feeding off that energy, that hey I am here to love, and walking the path of gratitude, being the healing at the moment and place it is needed, another face of Allah. The Earth only holds us for a certain time during our ascension and one day we will no longer need it.

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