Sunday, February 20, 2011

mountain girl

we're very near mount mitchell, it is so nice digging out the stream in the yard and today Vivian and Jamie shot a turkey and Nadia watched them defeather it. Dave came over and played video games and I told him about the crystals in the lay lines, or putting them in the stream. the key is to feel hope and contentment with Allah and to give and receive His love and to give back to Earth and return Her blessings to Her if we want to stay, only those who tune in will survive the shift
the inner shift is not to run away and retreat from accountability and responsibility as I used to and not to escape into another person or a situation beyond my control and I know that is an easy way to hide
but I also know that I came here fighting
and if I am draconian
of the darkside
it is to bring balance
and create a gratitude and hope for the light

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