Sunday, February 26, 2012

back from the dead

John came home 2 weeks ago and we finally got to hang out tonight. While he was in a coma he said he traveled astrally and he saw bodies as light. The car accident that broke his neck changed his life and led to the drug addiction that almost killed him, but he was not ready to die because of his daughter Luna. we all have our time. we can't avoid it or escape it, and we should welcome it and embrace it. and treat it gently.
Brandy wants to learn how to make soap. I told her about Village Herbals. She wants to use gems for reiki. She wants to buy more dresses. I talked to Dawn about yoga and she said go for it. Maybe I can do it in a yurt. having a vision, putting it together, sticking with it and learning and growing from mistakes is what i need to make the most of my gifts. the neural pathways we use grow stronger, the ones we don't use, die. Truly using our brain to full capacity is possible and would change our world. making every choice with open eyes and open hearts makes us wiser. we don't have to learn the hard way but the pain is the cure and with every hardship is ease.

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