Sunday, February 19, 2012

The pain is the cure

Get real. Bring those skeletons out to dance. Daniel is moving next week to Colorado. This was the first long weekend in a while. exchanging energy can be called work or joy. I can make the most of each day now more than ever. overcoming obstacles is a reason to reach higher. I have had meaningful experiences to learn from to grow into making new decisions for this moment. when you say you are shaped a certain way or on a certain path because of your choices that can count for you or against you. we are entering a world we've never seen. It is time to be kinder gentler wiser than I think I can even be.
Today it snowed, not sure if it will stick and cancel school. This winter so far had been really warm here, but really cold in the UK. Nadia loved playing in the lean-to. Throughout the day I felt many different emotions and saw how much a skill it is to control them, to redirect them, to find contentment in cocreation, and how the big picture all comes together from above . I suppose those are the nuts and bolts of emotional inteligence. I often have an urge to be alone, or wish that Nadia didn't talk so much, but I realized this was a great gift, from Allah. It was exactly what I had been seeking. Everything was coming together, and flowing, like a river to the ocean.

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