Sunday, February 5, 2012


Gravity distorts time and space, all play off each other, light converted to massThe earth was created for a certain purpose before man existed. It is coveted for minerals. and for the unique variety of life and lands. many races of light beings have called this place home. starseeds are fully aware they are made of light. They have made such a distant vast journey and hold on to life in such a fragile way because of the energy of the light in us and love for self is key and grows infinitely and reflects infinitely in others which are candles of one flame. we are in this together if one is enslaved we're all enslaved.
MJ12 Majestic clearance, we come from plaeides to raise your frequency. the 6th sense or more. Isra wa miraj, muhasaba. dense plane telepathy creative power is restrained by the physical form. Some visit, some stay, some observe.
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why did we fight so hard for our own independence and freedom from the Brits who later thru british mandate drew arbitrary lines that we willingly took on to defend, The only benefit is to keep the MIC in place at our own expense divide and conquer us and them our enslavement and suppression.

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