Wednesday, February 8, 2012

yoga for unity

Yoga is Union. With the multiverse in you. You can do it once, sometimes, or regularly. Remembering, Approaching, Unfolding, Cocreating. I am here on the Earth as a Light Worker. This means I connect with it al because I connect with myself and center. l. Light is a wave and a particle. I observe but I am not just an observer. Sunday Nadia came with me to Yoga for Everyone. Part of the time she followed along and part of the time she just meditated by herself. The class was packed. Any day now I should be accepted into the program. It is from August til May 2013. The second weekend of each month. I have the daily goal of one hour a day for yoga. A goal that I can meet on my own that I know takes commitment to onserve change. the action is the change. Everything else centers around that hour. I got permission to get a license, so I am going to start out just practicing with Marc.
Marcia took Nadia and I to Starbucks and shopping in Asheville. She gave me a yoga mat and Mother Earth News magazine. We may have Mom's party at Tall Trees. What is something out there that's made from your hands, that you've worked on for years? The thoughts and words can't get in the way. The doubt and fear are just a choice and escape. why blame them over and over, when you can choose to fight, with scrapes and scratches, and truly know the way and be free and real and brave as you were made to be and the world is in need of you to be.

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Carolyn (Dani) Ongman said...

Hi Emily! I am so proud of you!! I have been wondering how you are doing. I knew you could meet this life challenge with your deep compassion, and wisdom! I also have been making great head way with my core goals in life. It may not appear to be that way to some, but as we know, the internal shifts are can be huge and subtle. I now walk lighter and know more of mySelf! I hope we can meet up again after we have fine tuned the building of our boats! Tell Marc and Nadia hi!! Much Love to you all!!