Tuesday, April 12, 2011


cycles and spirals and layers shedding skin and transforming, ancient civilizations are alive in us, we are here now connecting to all other points in time space and dimensions beyond. Yesterday I went out to Tall Trees with Marcia. Steve talked about everything being a perception. I wonder who the true perceiver is. I wonder if we can alter perception and thus alter reality. As above , so below, we are the co creators that manifest Allah. Marcia talked about not caring about changing anyone or fighting against anyone but rather just loving people and helping them. As a draconian, the fight instinct in me is not in balance. I have fought to manifest here and now, and the message I get is that I can't forget what i've invested in, and what i've invested. If I can not remember then no one can.
as a wayfarer, as a sufi hippie mountain girl, a crunchy mama of the rainbow tribe, i connected with Liz, with Jolie, with Sefana, with my roots and the potential above. I have lost track of my center and have fallen into the victim role but I know the pain is the cure and that with Allah is the most firm handhold. Create love and healing, the infinite power that connects us all is a candle I light in me. the wayfarer seeks community everywhere, travels light and passes through. That is one reason I can let go. The sufi in me is for the gratitude and love. the hippie in me lives in balance with nature and creating a new culture. the mountain girl connects with the simple ways, the pioneering spirit and home roots that remain firm around all chaos.

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