Friday, April 8, 2011


Hers began

As all quests begin

How, a question beyond answers...

can one live in the now,

blocking out the pulling past and free falling future. that sounds so suffocating, maybe that is how i used to feel, but now...

i feel so connected

and grab hold to that veil

and tame it, grasp it, hold it down

if they're so distracted by its reflection

which must be oevercome,

to be able to READ Allah's signs

rather than just experiencing it,

submitting to it, surrenderign to it?

Don't miss the message to you

His Grace and Mercy and Blessings to you

and His Key to Paradise He is giving you.

Allah made the pen and told it to write.

on the preserved tablet

The Intellect, aql, reason, knowledge,

the pens are lifted and the ink is dried.

nothing is random

Where have I come from?

well, the moment that I forgot that I am merely an act of Allah,

and the ego descended to the level of duality,

I believed that I was of the world,

I believed that I was a child of my parents.

However, this was all part of the Divine Plan unfolding,

in this way, and only this way, could I have experienced, learned, what I did.

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