Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 is near it's end. I must strive to remember that I am star dust, I am an Indigo Crystal Child, I am a Star Seed, I am a Light worker. I recently understood that I hold a lot of anger because I felt cheated out of childhood. I lash out at Nadia because I am disappointed in the world and in knowing from such an early age how umjust it was. However, now that Nadia is seven, I am seeing more of myself in her, and that we are growing together, healing together, loving together, that the home is the foundation of society and that if I can change what's in myself then I have the supreme achievement and there is definitely a butterfly effect that connects us all.
I wonder how to let go of anger at my country's leaders and the armed forces. Can I forgive them for what they do because I am not accountable for them? I have hopes and dreams and plans for things that are in my reach. Things beyond my control I can care about from time to time but not so that they are vampires.

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