Saturday, December 25, 2010

snowy xmas

There are three very special people I must give credit to. Crystal says she is an ex illuminati, that illuminati means "illuminate you". Atlantis and Lemuria and Kemet are all leading up to our even greater civilization, even through the dark and light duality. She saw me in King Arthur's court, my great grandfather was the old money and blue blood and my bloodline includes Sir Francis Drake who was a Draconian. The Draconians are Reptilians. Not all Reptilians are bad, they push us to be our best, when we are willing and able to take responsibility for our lives and realize that we are one and we are stardust. We can surpass the previous attempts at Enlightenment and are in the process of doing so and the tide is turning and we are reaching breaking point.
another special person is sunshine, she is a recovering MKULTRA survivor and she always puts her best forward with love and hope and inspiration, we are working together to create something superior to the new world order that will bloom and grow despite the illuminati.
another is peggy who saw in me her self a few year earlier and almost walked away until I told her that I am on the precipice of where she was.

christmas eve at rosemary's was cool, but christmas day snow trapped us here and we can't go to granny's as planned.

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