Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have had this blog for quite a while and have not developed it much. I have trouble collecting and organizing and developing my thought processes into anything I feel worthy of presenting. I think this trait is peculiar to indigo and crystal and rainbow children. The infinite potential of the creative power when connected to the Source is the key to freedom. Those on the Dark Path know this and thus their battle field is the mind and heart of the people. This archetype has existed throughout the ages and now I see that as one of my roles here. I have consistently heard and internalized the message of inadequacy and of being broken. This is a concept that is not applicable to me and I am ready to shove it off. I see now the power in myself to change and control my own reality, and thus whatever I attempt will be successful. I may not see the result in my life time but my action was required to get there. Loving and nurturing and giving to myself is key to unlocking my true strength and to turning the tide. This is what many fellow humans suffer from today, they are told they are inferior to the elite and they believe it. They are content in slavery since they don't know what freedom means. It is better to fight for survival because then you are alive.

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