Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

I was not even awake when the New Year began. I thought it was interesting that the date is 1/1/11. I see that as a beautiful symbol of renewal and rebirth and beginnings. It's interesting how close the New Year is to Nadia's birthday and how much of a unique individual Nadia is becoming at age 7. We spent the day at my Mom's house. We looked at some of their books, one was an old Drumvalo book set. We talked about the world and government and conspiracies and what we could do to defeat the darkness. It was a great visit, ofcourse we had hoppin johns. Then we went to Granny's house for a while. I can't believe she still talks about moving out to Tall Trees. I thought about how she had devoted her life to loving and serving and giving and sharing to others and being so simple, such a rare find these days. After that we hung out with Daniel for a while. I loved being around Hendersonville, it was a little bit warmer than it has been and it was raining and most things were closed. Daniel was going through a tough time and felt the need to be alone. We watched Charlotte Iserbyt talk about Skull & Bones and I thought about how long these families have been directing our society, what obstacles we have to overcome to resent an alternative. I think about women I know that are fully centered and have their feet on the ground and are making a better world. I hae to remember thta is why I am here and can do. I know it starts with the self home aand family. Don't get distracted because thta is shaitan's trick, the vampires swoop in where there is no light.

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