Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The times and places and people that shape your life from the outside never leave you. The reality of oneness is a boundless ocean. If you see yourself as separate, in the ocean, surrounded by the ocean, you will most assuredly drown. We descend from the Ocean of Allah's Mercy, to the ocean of the womb. The Earth is a womb as well. Our souls must operate in bodies with the Earth to complete the Universe's song. Things merely appear to join and separate from each other, but there is always a connection. What I perceive as missing or lost is not so, it is merely myself that has leered off the path. I know the way home, and it is only when I look away that I get lost. There is a harmony in the song that sings in me, along with all creation. When the song sounds a bit off it is my instrument that is out of tune.

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