Monday, June 20, 2011

positive healing energy and love day

the reptilian is not self sustaining, it leeches from others.The Kundalini is rising up from reptile to man, from survival to thriving, from self directing to inspiring, knowing all the openings in the body mind and spirit to absorb all the energies and sustain ourselves, to heal and u7plif and transform and transmute ourselves, others, and our enviornments.
that is the constant change, that is going with the flow.the choice of using what is given and makng something beautiful.
the collective is reflective of my ego. I can only answer for me and speak for me. However the problems are easier to blame on "we the people". Where is my energy going? rally round the family, the battle against the new world order is nothing more than a battle against shaitan.
finding the interconnectedness, the dark in the light and light in the dark is a strength i bring to these times. There is a tug of war to keep us alive and on our feet and humble and brave. Stand together or hang separately. We have all been injured and weakened, we can remember that we are in this together against those who want us divided against eachother for their benefit. whatever takes away more of our choices and makes us weaker.
Sunday, the day of the sun, the closest star, a white dwarf. we are spinning around this sun, but there may be another, called Nibiru. This reflects the question of choice. Do we choose to look a what we know, which makes us accountable, or question the unknown? Does a hidden sun change Earth or do we? How strong is Positive Healing Energy and Love Day?
This event happened to also fall on Father's Day. I am a Lowrance girl and I am connected. I got what I wanted so many times, have faith in the universe. I am missing out on so much more by hiding and running. what you run from pursues you. Marc and I spent the night saturday at Matt's and Sunday went out on the house boat with Tim and Sylvia. I imagined living at sea as my ancestor sir francis drake did, and those settlers who came to the new world. There is so much under us and behind us, we needlessly stumble in the dark by ignoring it. I am not sure if it is Tim or not but it was someone under his sign that Mona said I needed to call a truce with. I can only see it as an issue of seeing anyone as "us" and "them". anyone that comes off as the other, because I don't identify with thier life or style or choices, a truce helps me, which is all I should focus on.

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