Saturday, June 4, 2011


intention is energy. creation is synergy. what power we have when we see ourselves as co-creators and making choices for a greater purpose. so many just swallow what is spoon fed, not aware of what is within them and all around them. they are takers and consumers and thus slaves. others refuse to accept and believe what is given and sustain themselves and others, centered and connected to mother, to gaia. a birth is a painful and beautiful experience.
draconian face the dark, acknowledge it, and create light. the womb is dark and protective but at a certain time the fetus bids it farewell. only those awake can create the new earth in 5d by connecting to themselves the earth and each other. alchemy requires us to shed the old and embrace the strange and unfamiliar. it is up to me, i have chosen it and have to embrace and live the butterfly effect.

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