Thursday, December 26, 2013

the birth of my christ

i know my chart, sirius B, i know my rose and cross, sword and shield, tuesday, martes named for Mars, we drove to matt's. michelle's mom and stepdad came from florida and rosemary and bobby came for dinner it was so interesting how mixed and matched and blended we were that took us all to that point in time.
 then we drove to tim and sylvia's for the night. then we celebrated christmas morning and the guys made us pancakes and eggs for breakfast. we got to tall trees pretty early and had such fun. it was the greatest time. ernie took us on a chalet tour. all 3 of nina's boys came. when we got back home jamie and vivian gave us a jar of sourwood honey
saturday night john had a party . we spent the night, it poured down rain all night, as above so below.

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