Sunday, November 3, 2013

scorpio new moon solar eclipse

silence is the holy science, body mind soul, earth water wind fire feel the thought, speak it, and build it. death and pain of the false is beauty that you see in a way you've never seen. the phoenix is alive because it set its trail ablaze.
suzi was my friend at 222 when my dad died. then again at crooked creek. The last time I saw Suzi was on main street on Halloween in 2010. we have been in black mtn 3 years now. This year Marc took us to the mcCune Center and fox run for trick or treating.
 samhein new year, dia de los muertos, the sting that teaches, portals enter and exit where you are is where the thought embodied. the great work balancing head and heart, i tried my best but got fired. i got my last paycheck and finally felt ok about it

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